Me & Jogoo

I am a UK based natural history documentary cameraman and photographer.

I have been making natural history films for nearly 20 years, working mainly for the BBC Natural History Unit. I have made key contributions to many of the NHU’s landmark series including Life in the Undergrowth, Frozen Planet, Africa, Madagascar and Life Story.

I have also filmed and directed a number of films for BBC2’s Natural World strand including Snow Monkey and Empire of the Desert Ants.

Over the last two decades I have won, or been nominated for, most of the industries’ key awards including EMMY, BAFTA, Royal Television Society awards for cinematography.

Prior to embarking on my film-making career I studied biology at Queen’s College Oxford.

As a stills photographer I have reached the finals of the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition on 8 occasions. My work has been used to illustrate numerous books and magazine articles and is represented internationally by Getty Images.

I have synesthesia – a neuralogical phenomenon where the input from one sensory pathway generates a response in another. In my case I ‘see’ music and ‘hear’ color and form. This mixing of the senses has always been extremely important to my work. Other synesthetes include David Hockney, Duke Ellington, Richard Feynman and Jimi Hendrix.

Many of the images here are still life studies of objects I have found while filming, and many have a memory of a particular time and place attached. The collection of still life images started as a personal project to record in as much detail as possible the form of the objects. The final images are often stacks of 10 or more single photographs, combined to produce one image with an infinite depth of field and exquisite detail.

In my role as a wildlife cameraman I’m expected to produce images that are technically perfect representations of the natural world. With the wildlife photographs displayed here I’m aiming for something much more abstract and impressionistic. In many ways this is more challenging, but ultimately more rewarding.

I live in Oxfordshire with my wife, two boys, 6 guitars, a mandolin, one bicycle and lots of bees.

For information on my filming work please visit WWW.JOHNBROWNIMAGES.CO.UK, if you have any questions about my work, or would like to discuss an order, please contact INFO@JOHNBROWNIMAGES.CO.UK